Are you looking to go green?

Waterborne wood coatings technology has made tremendous strides over the last 20 years. The products are now to the point where they are virtually indistinguishable from solvent-based products from a final film appearance and performance standpoint. KCI is excited to launch our next generation of waterborne wood coatings based on the latest Scandinavian technology.

Our new waterborne line gives you the durability qualities you expect from solvent-based coatings while being safer for the environment. The AE Series AQUA-ELITE™ is a self-sealing clear coat that applies easily and has unbelievable scratch resistance. Our AU1 AQUASURF ULTRA™ Universal Waterborne Primer is a fast-drying, easy sanding white primer that not only works under our waterborne topcoats but any solvent base KCI lacquer or polyurethane.

The AEW Series AQUA-ELITE™ White is designed for use over our AU1 primer and provides limitless colour options through custom tinting.  KCI’s VISTA™ stains and glazes round-out our waterborne line-up, which offers complete waterborne solutions. All of the KCI waterborne products are low odour, low VOC, HAPs Free, formaldehyde free, and comply with most environmental standards like LEEDS.  

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