Introduction of Antimicrobial Wood Coatings

At Katilac Coatings, we pride ourselves on innovation. We offer a breadth of products to suit virtually all wood coatings applications. We have a comprehensive line of pre- and post-catalyzed lacquers, conversion varnishes, waterborne coatings and colour systems. At the forefront of KCI’s new product introductions is an antimicrobial enhanced line of wood coatings, KCI-AMA™. These superior wood finishing products are designed, manufactured and certified exclusively in Canada. In addition to achieving the highest performance ratings, these products meet all the latest Health, Safety and Environmental Standards found across North America.

Conveniently, all KCI topcoats can be supplied with this built-in enhancement. This is a factory-built solution that is available ready-to-go. The standard performance characteristics of each topcoat remain unchanged when enhanced as a KCI-AMA™ solution. All KCI-AMA™ topcoats provide long term, dry film protection against a wide range of bacteria, mold, and fungus. They are non-leaching, non-toxic and certified for use in both Canada and the United States. Applied at the proper dry film thickness KCI-AMA™ dosed topcoats result in an antibacterial surface that provides long term protection against a wide range of pathogens including disease causing germs and viruses.

KCI-AMA™ enhanced coatings are available in waterborne, formaldehyde free, HAPs free, low VOC, as well as traditional solvent borne. Ideal for use in kitchens, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and senior care facilities. KCI-AMA™ coatings offers an unsurpassed level of durability for premium cabinetry, millwork, furniture, doors and windows.

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