D9 Series - SUMMIT™ White Conversion Varnish Topcoats

Premium pigmented conversion varnishes for cabinetry & millwork in any colour

The D9 / D9N / D9MAX Series SUMMIT™ products are a line of pigmented, solvent borne, two component, alkyd/amino resin based conversion varnishes. They are yellowing resistant, high hiding topcoats that feature outstanding chemical resistance and exceptional build. They are specifically designed to be used in combination with D28 DURAPRIME™High Hide White Post-Catalyzed Primer in a high quality interior wood finishing system. For applications requiring high build, SUMMIT™ is available in a high solids formulation, the D9MAX series.

D9 Series SUMMIT™ is a white conversion varnish and that can also be tinted to any off-white/pastel colour. D9N Series SUMMIT™ Neutral is an identical product that is used to create midtone to very deep colours. The D9/D9N conversion varnishes are used in conjunction with the KCI X-Rite Colour Designer software to offer a library of 70,000 of the most popular consumer paint colours.

D9 Tech Data Sheet D9N Tech Data Sheet D9MAX Tech Data Sheet Product Brochure

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