D Series – KATIVAR PLUS™ Clear Conversion Varnish

A user-friendly clear conversion varnish ideally suited to cabinets & furniture

D Series KATIVAR PLUS™ is a two-component, solvent-borne, alkyd/amino resin based post-catalyzed clear conversion varnish. It is characterized by its incredible ease-of-use. KATIVAR PLUS™ is specifically designed for high-end interior wood finishing such as cabinets, household furniture, office & commercial furniture and interior millwork.

D Series topcoats can be used self-sealing or in conjunction with KCI’s VS4 QUICKSEAL™ Post-cat Vinyl Modified Sealer or EK8 KATILAC™ Vinyl Sealer.

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KD Series – DIAMOND™ Extended Pot-Life Clear Conversion Varnish

Unmatched ease of application coupled with 3 – 5 days of useability

The KD Series DIAMOND™ is a line of solvent borne, two component, alkyd/amino resin based conversion varnishes. They are clear, yellowing resistant topcoats that feature fast dry and easy sanding along with outstanding chemical, moisture & abrasion resistance. The DIAMOND™ Series topcoats can be used in a self-sealing system or in conjunction with KCI sanding sealers on high demand furniture and cabinet applications.

KD Series DIAMOND™ Conversion Varnishes are extended pot-life products, having a pot-life up to 5 days pot-life after catalyzed.

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PHF Series – PINNACLE™ Haps-Free Clear Conversion Varnish

Ideal for high demand commercial & residential furniture, kitchen cabinetry and millwork

PHF Series PINNACLE™ is a line of solvent borne, water-white, HAPs Free, two component, alkyd amino resin based clear conversion varnishes. They are yellowing resistant, have high clarity combined with outstanding chemical, moisture and abrasion resistance. PINNACLE™ topcoats have exceptional application properties, ultra-low formaldehyde and exceptional hardness combined with an incredibly smooth feel.

PINNACLE™ HAPs Free Conversion Varnish is ideal for kitchen cabinetry, millwork and residential, office and high demand furniture.

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